Here's how many Covid vaccines have been administered where you live

Thursday, 21st January 2021, 3:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st January 2021, 4:32 pm
All UK adults will be offered their first Covid vaccine by September, Dominic Raab has said (Photo: Shutterstock)

New NHS data has revealed how many coronavirus vaccines have been given out in each part of the country.

NHS England published the first weekly localised breakdown of coronavirus vaccinations administered on Thursday (21 Jan).

The data is broken down by Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) – umbrella bodies that bring together NHS groups and local councils to work strategically together.

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It reveals how many first and second doses have been given out in each area, for people aged under 80 or those aged 80 and over.

Where have the most vaccines been given out?

The NHS has only published the number of vaccines administered in each STP area.

STPs vary significantly in size, and the Office for National Statistics does not publish population estimates at this level.

This means it would not be fair to compare the number of jabs given out in each area.

The local data includes all vaccinations carried out by 17 January, by which point the total count for England was 3,557,847 first doses and 432,598 second doses.

You can hover over areas in the map below to find out how many doses have been recorded in your STP.


Which region is winning the race?

The NHS also publishes data by region, for which it is also only releasing a count of the vaccinations administered.

But the JPIMedia Data Unit has combined these figures with population data from the Office for National Statistics for NHS regions to analyse how the rollout has fared in each part of the country.

Counting only first doses, the South West comes out top, with 7,371  vaccines per 100,000 people, above the North East and Yorkshire in second place with 7,192.

The North East and Yorkshire tops the board when only those aged 80 or over are included – there have been 67,070 jabs per 100,000 people in this age group.

London and the East of England, meanwhile, have fallen to the back of the pack. The capital has vaccinated only 4,199 people per 100,000 and 49,808 for every 100,000 over 80s, placing it last out of the seven regions for both measures.

The East of England has vaccinated 53,388 per 100,000 of its over 80s, and 3,021 per 100,000 of its total population.


How many jabs has each region done?

Total vaccinations (first dose) for all age groups:

  1. South West - 7,371 per 100,000
  2. North East and Yorkshire  - 7,192 per 100,000
  3. North West - 6,902 per 100,000
  4. South East - 6,600 per 100,000
  5. Midlands - 6,523 per 100,000
  6. East of England - 5,783 per 100,000
  7. London - 4,199 per 100,000

Vaccines for those aged 80 or over (first dose):

  1. North East and Yorkshire - 67,070 per 100,000 (67%)
  2. North West -  63,829 per 100,000 (64%)
  3. South West - 60,717 per 100,000 (61%
  4. Midlands - 60,048 per 100,000 (60%)
  5. South East - 57,896 per 100,000 (58%)
  6. East of England - 53,388 per 100,000 (53%)
  7. London - 49,808 per 100,000 (50%)