Harrogate restaurant's amazing kindness brings smiles to the elderly and NHS

A Harrogate restaurant grappling with its own stresses and challenges to make ends meet has selflessly vowed to keep helping Harrogate's NHS workers and the elderly free of charge until they physically run out of stock.

Mykonos delivering food earlier this week.
Mykonos delivering food earlier this week.

Mykonos Greek and Mediterranean restaurant on Mayfield Grove has been delivering pasta, toilet rolls and hot meals to elderly residents in the community free of charge, and plans to stage a dedicated NHS day where they cook homemade food and arrange for it to be gifted to the heroic teams at Harrogate hospital.

So passionate about showing their support for Harrogate hospital at such a difficult and unprecedented time, owner Yannis Dervishi ordered 2,500 protective masks at the cost of £900, but unfortunately the order was cancelled as the company could not deliver from abroad.

However, the kind-hearted team at the restaurant still plans to set aside this money to give back to the NHS in some shape or form. Yannis has urged businesses to set aside any commercial interests and do their bit for the common good of helping our doctors, nurses and elderly residents.

Yannis said: "As per the government's advice, this is not a situation to be taken lightly. Therefore, whatever the type of organisation, whatever someone's age, gender and background, now is the time to put any commercial and personal interests aside and, for all of us to unite on only one objective - helping the NHS staff and the elderly in need.

"In simple terms we must save the NHS staff and their wellbeing today by any means possible, in order to enable them to save our lives tomorrow."