Harrogate residents urged to think of the elderly and vulnerable as supermarkets put limits on coronavirus panic-buying

Harrogate charity Supporting Older People has urged people across the Harrogate district not to panic-buy items as it could be 'detrimental' to elderly and vulnerable people.

Tuesday, 17th March 2020, 3:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th March 2020, 3:32 pm

Director Kate Rogata told the Harrogate Advertiser that it is 'vital' we consider others at this difficult time.

She said: "We really need to make sure we can get older and vulnerable people the resources they need at the moment - they don't want a lot, just a loaf of bread or two pints of milk.

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People are being urged not to panic-buy in order to ensure elderly people continue to get essential items.

"People need to stop and think, they are not the only ones affected by this. If everybody buys a little of everything, rather than huge amounts in bulk, there will be enough for everybody."

It comes as supermarkets across the country have been issuing statements to customers this week asking them to be more mindful and imposing limits on the number of in-demand products they can buy.

Asda CEO Roger Burnley said that in light of the rising needs of customers, the company is trying its best to keep shelves well stocked and has issued a limit on the number of key items they can buy, including hand sanitiser and cleaning products, urging customers to 'be responsible'.

And Asda isn't the only supermarket taking this approach - Sainsbury's and Morrisons are doing the same.

Sainsbury's CEO Mike Coupe wrote a letter to customers insisting that the warehouses have more food and essential items on the way and asking them to refrain from 'panic-buying'.

He said: "If we all shop just for the food that we and our families need, there will be enough for everyone."

Sainsbury's and Morrisons have also brought in a limit on in-demand items to curb 'panic-buying' and ensure no one has to go without essential products.

Mr Coupe is also urging people to think about any vulnerable and elderly people around them.

He added: "And please help elderly and vulnerable friends, family and neighbours with their shopping if you can."

Kate is supporting these comments and is calling on residents across our district to help those who may be self-isolating or less able to get out - whether it be dropping them off some shopping or just a chat on the phone.

She added: "It is so important to keep in contact with elderly and vulnerable people who may not be able to get out for so many reasons.

"We need to make sure they have all the essentials they need, so it would be great for people to offer to do a bit of shopping for them and drop it off, but also just talking to them for ten minutes on the phone could have a huge impact.

"Loneliness can be so detrimental to their health. A little bit of contact will go a long way."