Harrogate Chamber of Commerce offers support to businesses during "exceptionally hard time"

Harrogate Chamber of Commerce has offered its support to businesses in what it has called an “exceptionally hard time”, praising the community for all its efforts

CEO Sandra Doherty said it is “heartwarming” to see people coming together in their hour of need.

She said: “From businesses doing all they can to support the most vulnerable, to customers showing incredible support for their favourite shops, cafes and restaurants, it has been a good reminder of why living and working in Harrogate is such a privilege.”

The Chamber's CEO, Sandra Doherty, has reassured businesses that they will be supported.

And as tougher restrictions have now come into force and many businesses have had to close their doors, Ms Doherty has urged people to consider the financial support which has been put in place by the Government to help those struggling as the county goes into lockdown.

She added: “If you are struggling due to the current challenges, please don’t forget that there is help on offer from the government to support businesses whose income has fallen.

“Your accountant should be able to point you towards the relevant help - and, of course, if you need one, there are several leading accountants among our members who would be very happy to hear from you.”

She is now encouraging businesses to stick together and stay strong for their reopening when things get back to normality, adding: “For now, please do all you can to support each other, and to ensure all our businesses are protected from the worst of the current crisis and ready for growth again in future.”

And while its meetings and AGM have been cancelled, the Chamber says it is still open for business, including giving advice and support.