Wetherby pupils in bid to aid refugees

Pupils at a Wetherby school are being creative to help Ukraine refugees.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 3:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th March 2022, 3:44 pm

Year 4 and 6 pupils at Crossley Street, decided to make pin badges and bracelets and hold bake sales to show their support for the war-torn country.

“Some girls in Y4 and Y6 have started making Ukraine pin badges to sell in school and on the playground, completely off their own back as well as planning a charity bake sale next week; all in order to send donations and supplies over to Ukraine,” said Dan Mawer, class teacher and writing lead.

Involved are Abigail Gardner, 11, and ten year olds Abigail Williams, Maddison Lickers, Eva Lofthouse, and Sophia Batey who are making pin badges and bracelets.

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Doing a bake sale are - Esmee Davies and Ellisia Anderson, both 11, and nine-year-olds Jessica Davis and Isobelle Lumb and Grace Nolan, 10, who are holding a bake sale.

Pin badge and bracelets:

Eva came up with the idea of making pin badges to sell in school as she thought it would be a great way of raising money.

“We thought a pin badge or bracelet wouldn’t just be a good way of raising money, but also for people to be able to show that they are supporting the Ukrainian people at this time,” said Eva.

They got together as a team to try to make the project work as best as they could and to make it as high profile as they could around school. So, Eva

and Abigail G made the pin badges,

Maddison made the bracelets, Sophia made a slideshow to show in assembly and Abigail W made posters to advertise their project around school.

They began selling them before school on Monday March 14 and have already raised over £130 from just their badges and bracelets.

“There are now lots and lots of Ukrainian pin badges and bracelets being worn around school from Reception up to Year 6,” said Mr Mawer.

In Year 4, Jessica and Isobelle came up with the idea of doing a charity bake sale (on Monday March 28) as another way of raising money to help support the refugees.

“Children in Year 6 heard about the idea and also wanted to get involved to help raise as much money as possible!

“Ellisia and Grace offered to bake cakes themselves to help with the cause, as did Esmee who has recruited her cake-making mother.

“We’re then going to combine the money that has been raised from both efforts and send it to the Red Cross.”