VIDEO: Harrogate schools pull out all the stops for Red Nose Day

Plenty of Harrogate schools put in loads of effort for Red Nose Day today (March 13), pulling out all the stops for Comic Relief.

By James Metcalf
Friday, 13th March 2015, 3:27 pm
Headteacher at Ashville Junior School Simon Bailey gets a pie to the face.
Headteacher at Ashville Junior School Simon Bailey gets a pie to the face.

At Ashville Junior School, headteacher Simon Bailey repeatedly received a pie to the face, all for a good cause.

The Pre-Prep school held nonuniform days, a funny face bake sale, a children could make their face funny for money.

And at the junior school pupils fed their teachers breakfast, pouring beans and other food over them.

Headteacher at Ashville Junior School Simon Bailey gets a pie to the face.

Mr Bailey said: “Today is a fantastic opportunity for all the children to appreciate what a wonderful cause Comic Relief is, as well as having a huge amount of fun seeing their beloved teachers get gunged.”

Harrogate Ladies’ College students, at the infant schools Bankfield and Highfield as well as the college itself, students dressed up with all proceeds going to Comic Relief.

They also made up their Latin and Classics teacher Michael Clarke, who was voted into the questionable honour over the week, winning by a landslide.

Student Becky McCaulay was responsible for Mr Clarke’s make-up. She said: “He won because he is a new teacher, fresh meat, and he has never done it before.”

The school also had children guessing how many red M&Ms were in a jar, there was a bake sale, and children could wear red for £1.

Deputy headteacher Helen Stansfield said: “The girls just love doing anything to raise money for charity and it was only last week that we were doing World Book Day.

“When it is something so significant as Comic Relief we like to do as much as we can because it is such a good cause.”

At Harrogate High School, Year 7 and 8 students took part in a fun run with every student running a mile for sponsorship money, some doing it in fancy dress.

The whole school nonuniform day raised 50p per student and at break they threw sponges at the head boy and head girl, along with head of sixth form Rickie Wilson.

Some sixth form students volunteered to have their legs waxed for sponsorship and the school held a bake sale at break time.

In the afternoon there was a charity car wash, then after school staff took on sixth form students at various sports with donations going to Comic Relief.

The year 13 students took a lead role in organisation the activities, coming up with the activities themselves.

Mr Wilson said: “We regularly take part in Sport Relief and Comic Relief and try to offer a variety of fundraising activities throughout the day.

“We are really keen to see our own students taking the leading in organising those activities and I am really proud of the year 13 students this year who have led the whole day and done an amazing job.”

Rossett School students also dressed up for Red Nose Day, some in very flamboyant outfits, others painting their faces, and many held a bake sale at break time.

At lunch time a surprise flash mob danced away to the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song ‘Uptown Funk’, getting many on their feet to celebrate fundraising for Comic Relief.

And pupils had a great time:

Christian Corbett, 12, in Year 7, said: “It is good our school does something to support Red Nose Day and collect donations and sell red noses.

“They let us dress up or in nonuniform and paint our faces, and it’s good to support a charity.”

Jack Lewis, 12, in Year 8, said: “It has been a really good day. We have mostly been doing normal lessons but it is good to dress up and it is nice to see people in nonuniform.

“Usually people forget but I haven’t seen anyone dressed in uniform this time.”

McKenzie Collins, 15, in year 10, was dressed in a skirt and wig. He said: “I went into a costume store and walked out with this.

“It has made a lot of people smile. I guess I did the opposite of the theme, which was to decorate your face and I decorated everything else.”

Joe Mercer, 17, in the sixth form, said: “I dressed as Bob the Builder just to be funny really.

“I was Cookie Monster last year, and a character from Star Wars before that, so I have to outdo myself.

“Today is a bit of fun, like a day off school where we can relax a little bit more than normal.”

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