School of the Week: Scotton Lingerfield Primary School

Monday, 23rd January 2017, 8:30 am
NADV 1612061AM1 Scotton Lingerfield Primary School. (1612061AM1)

“Together we embark on a journey to develop lifelong learners.”

As a school, our aim is to embark on a journey of learning filled with opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge; to have experiences which engage and motivate us; to embrace challenges as opportunities to develop and improve; embedding a growth mindset where effort, resilience and perseverance are rewarded.

We want our children to develop positive learning attitudes built on self-belief, a desire to succeed and the expectation to be the best that they can be.

Scotton Lingerfield Primary School is very much at the heart of our community.

We believe that each of us are unique individuals capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development.

We celebrate diversity and recognise each other as individuals; all different; all equal.

As staff, governors, parents and children, we are a community working together to develop the role models for the future.

Inspired by the Olympic values, we value friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

We believe these values are relevant not only to sport but in all we do and are the values which will help us on our journey to be lifelong learners.

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