Pupils have a blast in class

Youngsters from five Harrogate junior schools have had their horizons broadened during a space-themed master class.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 12:25 am
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 1:09 pm

The pupils from Ashville Junior School, Burton Leonard, Bilton Grange, Oatlands and Follifoot were treated to the science space workshop led by Conor Davies, Ashville College’s Head of Physics and one of 25 Lead Educators at the Leicester-based National Space Academy.

During the session, at Ashville, the youngsters learned how NASA had created the first disposable nappies for astronauts on space walks, followed by creating a scale model of our solar system using a variety of objects to demonstrate the scale of the planets.

Next, the children were given a demonstration of how a comet is formed, as dry ice sent white “smoke” rolling across the classroom.

Finally, the young scientists designed and made their own rockets, which were launched on the school field, with one from Burton Leonard flying the furthest.

Ashville Junior School Headteacher Simon Bailey said: “This afternoon was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils and those from four other junior schools in the area to learn from Conor Davies.

“British astronaut Tim Peak’s recent experiments and broadcasts aboard the International Space Station have really captured the children’s space imaginations, and the afternoon proved to be a wonderful opportunity to further explore the wonders of the universe.

“Mr Davies’ master class grabbed the children’s attention from the off.”

“This session was informative, interesting and fun, and this is key to developing a sense of awe and wonder which the children will carry on in their future studies of the subject.”