MP faces up to questions in school

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP and Deputy Transport Minister Andrew Jones faced challenging questions when he visited Brackenfield School recently to talk about his role as a Member of Parliament and his new responsibilities as Deputy Transport Minister.

During assembly, Mr Jones explained what a privilege it is to be an MP and in spite of his national role in transport, how important it is to him to represent his local constituency and resolve local issues.

Headteacher Pat Sowa was delighted that Andrew Jones was able to speak to the children and answer questions.

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“He has given our pupils a wonderful insight into government and democracy, answering some very challenging questions in a balanced and personable way.

“I think he might even have inspired some of them to be Prime Ministers.

“We are looking forward to welcoming him back as our guest of honour for our prize-giving evening in July.”

Mr Jones gave the pupils a vivid insight into his work and life of an MP in Parliament.

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And he answered many interesting questions from the pupils with great clarity and pitched his responses perfectly for the age of the children.

A school spokesman said: “The pupils were fascinated to hear about the work Andrew is doing on driverless cars and electric vehicles aiming to reduce vehicle emissions to zero over the next 30 years.

“One of the first steps in this long process has been to fit technology on local buses to reduce emissions and so help to clean up the air in Harrogate, just one example of how our area can benefit from his ministerial role.

“Improvements to our local rail system, planned for the coming years, is another good example.”

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The children also heard about the commitment needed to be to be an effective MP, an 85-hour working week often being normal with busy weekends in the constituency catching up on issues and attending many events.

“One of the most inspiring answers was to the question “How do you become an MP?” As part of the answer Andrew told the children that through hard work anyone, anywhere can become an MP which is the sign of our strong democracy.”