Healthy lesson at the checkouts

Pupils at Bilton Grange Primary School have had a healthy start to 2017 thanks to Asda Harrogate's community champion, who visited the school to give a healthy eating workshop to Year Two pupils.

The class of seven and eight-year-olds learnt about the importance of having a balanced diet, including what portions of food groups they should look to eat.

Asda Harrogate’s community champion, Angela Smith, focused on fresh fruits and vegetables and each child left the session with their favourite fruity snack as a nutritious treat.

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Angela Smith, community champion at Asda Harrogate, said: “We want to encourage youngsters here at Bilton Grange Primary to think about making healthier choices and what’s more, we want to show them that fruit and veg can actually be really enjoyable and that greens don’t have to be something to be avoided when it comes to teatime.”

Also on the agenda was a discussion around the importance of avoiding excessively sugary foods and of fuelling themselves with great, fresh produce; be this meat, fish, dairy, fruit or vegetables.