Head students elected

Harrogate Grammar School has elected its head students and deputies after a rigorous selection process to match that of any political leadership race.

Friday, 5th July 2019, 10:38 am

Following written applications, formal interviews, hustings and presentations, the school announced the appointment of Joe Nichols and Phoebe Kyriakopoulos as Head Students.

Olivia Searle, Amy Rees, Grace Brennan, Matthew Warren, Tom Richardson and Sam Ignatiou have been appointed as Deputies. The new team will deliver mentoring, enrichment, student voice and other projects in school.

“I am so proud to have achieved the role of Head Student,” said Phoebe.

“I went through a challenging selection process and worked really hard during the hustings, presentation and interview to successfully be appointed.

“I hope I can spread positivity throughout the school and I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

The school has a long tradition of providing leadership opportunities and these are highly regarded positions within the school community.

Joe Nicholls, Head Student, stated: “Being named Head Student is something which I take immense pride in and something that was a long-term goal of mine.

“We have a fantastic Student Leadership Team for the next year and I hope to be able to lead them well using skills which I have developed during my time here at Harrogate Grammar School.”

Associate Headteacher, Neil Renton, said: “We are very excited about our new Student Leadership team and we have every confidence that they will make a significant contribution as young leaders.”

Pictured back, from left, Deputy head students: Matthew Warren, Grace Brennan, Sam Ignatiou, Head of Sixth Form: Neil Renton, Olivia Searle, Tom Richardson and Amy Rees. Front Head students Joe Nichols and Phoebe Kyriakopoulos.