Grove pupil passes Life course

Grove Academy Headteacher John Warren celebrated the success of Pupil Referral students at a recent passing out parade.

Watching parents, teachers and community leaders were impressed, as the Fire Service put a group of young people through a series of fire drills, culminating in a dramatic rescue operation from the smoke-filled fire tower at Harrogate station.

Year 11 student, Ryan Battersby, 15, was one of two students at Grove Academy, to complete the course this year. He was praised by his instructors for his willingness to take on challenges and act as leader for his group.

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Mr Warren said: “We have been involved with the Life course every year and think it is an excellent scheme.”

“It complements the qualities we teach at the Grove Academy. We are proud of Ryan’s achievement.

“He came to us after being permanently-excluded twice and has turned his life around with our help.

“It goes to prove that excluded young people can succeed with the right help and support.”

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Ryan’s ambition is to join the Army and he is due to start training at the Army Foundation College in September.

Ryan said: “The Life course taught me leadership qualities and the importance of discipline.

“My favourite part of the course was the rescue exercise when I had to retrieve a casualty from a maze of smoke-filled tunnels.

“I felt proud that my instructor said that I would be an asset to the military, which is my career goal.”

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The Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) scheme, addresses the problems of young people, aged between 13 and 17, particularly those who have offended, are at risk of offending or have been victims of crime.

The week-long course highlights the consequences of anti-social behaviour and teaches fire safety awareness, life skills and values.

Young people from North Yorkshire have benefited from a fire service training course aimed at teaching resilience and discipline.

The course is run by North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and has received funding from the police commissioner.

The latest course took place at Harrogate Fire Station when eight youngsters learnt how to listen and obey commands, operate breathing apparatus, use ladders and perform basic hose drills.

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