End of SATs is a picnic for pupils

Year 6 children of Ripley Primary School celebrated their end of Key Stage 2 SATs with a well-deserved ice cream followed by a picnic and games in the grounds of Ripley Castle.

The school has been running booster classes two nights a week since February and their teacher, Mr Will Sadler, prepared a revision pack for the children to complete at home.

Headteacher Mrs Cath Wilson said: “We are extremely proud of all the children as they have worked very hard to prepare for the tests and all tried their best during the tests.

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“Their final SATs mark is only a very small part of what they have achieved during their time at Ripley Primary School.

“They are wonderful children and we will miss them all when they leave us to go on to Secondary School in the summer.”

She explained that the children worked extremely hard before and during the tests and seemed very relieved to have completed them.

“The children all agreed they found the Reading test on Monday very challenging with the week getting better.”

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Rebecca said: “I found the Reading paper very difficult but it got better through the week when we did the Grammar, Spelling, Arithmetic and the Maths papers. I found them easier.”

Once the children had finished their picnic they were asked how they felt about finishing their week of SATs.

The children said: “I didn’t really enjoy SATs but it is something you have to do”, “I was happy when they were finished”, “All the year 6’s are very happy and relieved that SATs are over and can’t wait to know their results”, “The SATs weren’t fun but not too bad. At least now I’m under no stress at all”.

Year 6 teacher, Mr Sadler added: “I am very proud of all the children and their determination throughout the entire week.

“They have worked incredibly hard throughout the year and they can now focus on their end of year activities, including their end of term show, Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies.”