Did gamble pay off? You bet it did!

Those who attended Rossett School's performance of Guys and Dolls were transported back into the 1930s, where the cast of over 90 students from across the year groups put on a truly mesmerising show.

Monday, 20th February 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 7:54 am

The commitment and dedication of both students and staff was displayed through not only the high standard of acting, but also the accompanying band which was formed from both students and teaching staff.

It was Miss Adelaide (Kiera Bollon) and Nathan Detroit (Leo Corbitt) – both in Year nine - who stole the night with their show-stopping performances and fabulous singing which took away the collective breath of the packed auditorium.

From start to finish their passion for performing was displayed through the phenomenal maintenance of American accents and their enthusiasm for portraying their characters.

Bollon’s take on the ditsy, long-term engaged dancer Miss Adelaide was flawless. The audience was stunned at the powerful voice of one so young.

Her fiancé, the dapper Detroit played by Corbitt, was full of wit and charm; enough to explain the 14 year engagement. However by the end of the show, the two finally wed with the whole cast on stage to mark the momentous occasion.

The full cast kept the standard high with the likes of Sky Masterson (James Porter) and Sarah Brown (Yasmine Bridge) explaining their unlikely romance; the portrayal of Big Jule (Jack Dyson) and Nicely-Nicely Johnson (Sam McKenzie) kept the spirits up with their natural comic timing.

The hard work behind the scenes was ably directed by Mrs McLurg supported by Mrs Binns, Miss Askew and Mrs Merrett. Without their loyalty and devotion towards the students and the production, the show wouldn’t have been as rewarding an experience for actors and audience alike. The immaculate dancing, choreographed by Miss Geldart, was an event not to be missed. The students made the complex moves look effortless as they danced the night away with routines such as the salsa.

Cast list:

Nicely-Nicely Johnson – Sam McKenzie – 13GCM

Benny Southstreet – Ethan Dewhurst – 10SWS

Rusty Charlie – Jake Towers – 10MBU

Sarah Brown – Yasmine Bridge – 11MWN

Arvide Abernathy – Jonathan Morrison – 13BTL

Agatha – Tashi Lewis – 12CRD

Calvin – Jack Moran – 10RHF

Martha – Sam Shoko – 10RHF

Harry the Horse – Jake Towers – 10MBU

LT. Brannigan – Matthew Pulbrook – 9AMG

Nathan Detroit – Leo Corbitt – 9AMG

Miss Adelaide – Keira Bollon – 9CEN

Sky Masterson – James Porter – 11IRE

Joey Biltmore – Job Robinson – 9CEN

Mimi – Leah Taylor – 13RDG

General Matilda B. Cartwright – Jasmine Tyler – 11MWN

Big Jule – Jack Dyson – 9AMG