Countryside Day treat for Willow Tree

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Year 3 and 4 pupils from Willow Tree Primary School recently had a day learning about the countryside at Countryside Day at the Yorkshire Showground.

The children enjoyed various workshops and shows, taking part in lots of practical activities to do with the world around them.

“With everything from learning about the dairy industry to fly fishing, water safety, dancing sheep and baking bread, the children got to try their hands at lots of new and exciting activities,” said a school spokesman.

Lower Key Stage Two phase leader, Laura McAuley described the day as: “An invaluable experience for all the children.

“The people and creatures the children got to meet, taught them and showed them things that simply could not be experienced in the same way inside the classroom.”

The children were full of enthusiasm about the day.

Sophie from Year 4 loved the whole experience and said: “Countryside Day was amazing! I really enjoyed the sheep show and watching the sheep do funny dances.”

Archie in Year 3 added: “I really enjoyed learning about rivers outside of the classroom and seeing the examples of what creatures may be found in a river.”