Cereal firm helps wake up breakfast club for school

Summerbridge Community Primary School received a £1,000 grant from cereal maker Kellogg's after completing an online training course to enhance their existing breakfast club.

Friday, 10th February 2017, 3:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:33 am

The free course, developed by Northumbria University, gives practical support and advice on how to run an effective breakfast club covering aspects such as child nutrition, food hygiene, advertising and how to access other sources of funding.

Kellogg’s offers the training programme following the outcome of a national audit of breakfast clubs across the UK which examined the challenges schools face in sustaining their clubs. The findings revealed that although 85 per cent of schools had a breakfast club, 45 percent of these admitted funding was the single biggest need for the future of their club.

Headteacher Mr Nick Coates said: “The funding is fantastic but the handy tips we picked up through the training course were priceless.

“We are looking forward to using the grant money to subsidise breakfasts for the children as well as buying some new crockery and play equipment for the club.

“It’s so encouraging to see companies like Kellogg’s supporting breakfast clubs like ours as it means we can carry on providing this great resource for our children and families.”

To apply for a grant schools can visit www.breakfastsforbetterdays.co.uk