Celebration of achievements

Harrogate’s Ashville College has honoured the academic and sporting successes of its pupils at its annual Speech Day.

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 10:25 am

Held at the town’s Convention Centre, speeches were delivered by Headmaster Richard Marshall, Chair of Governors Jamie Search, outgoing head prefects, Henry Mountford and Elsie Johnston, and Imagined Things Bookshop owner, Georgia Duffy – who was Chief Guest.

It was her Tweet - saying that on one Saturday she had taken just £12.34 all day – which inspired the school to buy all of its reading material from the independent bookstore, present prize winners with book vouchers for her shop, as well as launching an Ashville loyalty card to encourage parents, staff, pupils and alumni to support local, independent traders in the town.

The service was a part of a larger “Celebration Weekend” event, which included a gala, summer concert and the annual teachers’ vs pupils’ cricket and netball matches.

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This year’s prize winners

Upper 6th Form Academic Prizes:

Frederick Swire Memorial Prize for English Literature/Prize for French; Henry Mountford; Hugh Stirling Moore Prize for History, Charlotte Styles; Prize for Spanish, Eleanor Ball; Prize for German, Chiara Turnock; Prize for Latin, William Armitage; Carol Tinker Prize for Economics, Tom Holder; Goerge Waddell Prize for Religious Studies/Prize for Psychology, Wing Yan (Emily) Koon; Henry Chatterton Memorial Prize for Geography, Hannah Brown; Prize for Music, Anna Jackman-Straw; Southam Prize for Physics/Prize for Further Mathematics, Tian (Tianhao) Bu; Prize for Computing, Violet Ross; Prize for English Language, Selina Pollard; Prize for Drama, James Murtagh; Prize for Biology, Declan Law; Dr David Shackleton Prize for Design Technology, Daniel Morales; Dr Norman Smith Memorial Prize for Chemistry, Madeline Lang; Barrie Dale Memorial Prize for Mathematics, Rose How; Richard Thayer Prize for Business Studies, Lewis Wells; Prize for Progress in IES, Yuting Meng; Prize for Academic Physical Education, Benjamin Thewlis; Prize for Art, Kwan Yu (Natalie) Choi; Prize for BTEC Sport, Emilia Collins.

Lower 6th Form Academic Prizes:

Prize for Art, Sophie Cooke; Ashvillian Society Prize for Biology, Matija Perovic; Prize for BTEC Sport, Oliver Newsome; Harry M. Davies Prize for Chemistry, Olivia Wells; Prize for Business Studies, Kaeden Dowler; LGS Prize for Practical Chemistry, Erin Bartle; Prize for Classics, Thomas Rawson; Prize for Computing, Jarred Lee; Prize for Further Mathematics, Long Sing (Alex) Chan; Prize for Economics, Kamsyochukwu (Kamsy) Okorie; Prize for English Language, Katie Clark; Burnett Memorial Prize for English Literature, James Bainbridge and Thomas Rawson; Prize for History/Prize for German, Hollie Bye; Tom Sawyer Memorial Prize for French, Charlotte Booth and Esmé Banerjee; V.A. Stegall Prize for Geography, Mia Croft; Prize for Spanish, Simon Floyd; Prize for Mathematics, Oliver Bryant; Prize for Music, Emma Moodie; Prize for Academic Physical Education, Hollie Walker; D J Welsh Prize for Physics, Ho Kwan (Howard) Man; Prize for Psychology, Emily Harris; Prize for Religious Studies, Emma Thewlis.

Year 11 Academic Prizes:

Prize for Art, Darcey Joia and Hector Bowerman; Brown Prize for Physics/Further Mathematics, Facundo Costa; Prize for Academic Physical Education, Isabella Whiting; Prize for Religious Studies, Harvey Homer; John Byron Memorial Prize for Biology/Albert Hearn Prize for English Literature, Elizabeth Dobson; Prize for Computing, Kuen (Paul) Cheung; Prize for Design Technology, Samuel Utley; President of Ashvillian Society Prize for Chemistry/Prize for English, Rebecca Mitchell; Ashvillian Society Prize for Mathematics, Kai Ning (Kathy) Zhen; Anthea Edwards Prize for Classics/Peter Oliver Memorial Prize for Geography, Callum Johnson; Prize for French, Alexandra Powell; Prize for Business Studies, Henry Brown; Prize for Science, William Pickles; Harry Woolley Memorial Prize for History/Prize for Music, Ansel Bayly; Prize for Food and Nutrition, Jiahua (Christine) Lin; Prize for Spanish, Abigail Guest; Prize for Drama, Juliette Ball; Prize for Single English, Hazel Leckenby; Prize for German, George Prentis.

Year 10 Academic and Merit Prizes:

Year 10 Academic Prizes, Yanzi Chen, George Jackson, Dominic Callister, William Hunt, Rosa Dobson, Ching (Terrance) Tan; 10JC Merit Prize, Ngai Long (Edward) Wong; 10CBD Merit Prize, Emily Mitchell; 10OE Merit Prize, Emilia Walker; 10TG Merit Prize, Charles Cullen; 10SJ Merit Prize, Andrew Cullina; 10HS Merit Prize, Thomas Grattoni-May.

Year 9 Academic and Merit Prizes:

9RE Form Academic Prize, Grace Garczynski; Merit Prize, Fintan Burke; 9VS Form Academic Prize, Fleur Croft; Merit Prize, Rowan Sutcliffe; 9LT Form Academic Prize, Elliott Yip; Merit Prize, Benjamin Utley; 9EW Form Academic Prize, Bejamin Garvey; Merit Prize, Finn Wright and Carmichael Rivera.

Year 8 Academic and Merit Prizes:

8TD Form Academic Prize, Rosie Jones; Merit Prize, Ryan Rendle; 8SL Form Academic Prize, Annie Meehan; Merit Prize, Anna Jackson; 8CJP Form Academic Prize, Lucy Parkinson; Merit Prize, Nicholas Cram; 8NR Form Academic Prize, Kennedy Simmons; Merit Prize, Olivia Riley.

Year 7 Academic and Merit Prizes:

7DJW Form Academic Prize, William Lightowlers; Merit Prize, William Cullen; 7GFC Form Academic Prize, Devan Martin; Merit Prize, Joseph Heffron; 7SD Form Academic Prize, Rhys Wolf; Merit Prize, Leo Holmes; 7RB Form Academic Prize, Audrey Otto; Merit Prize, Sadie Pringle and Zak Kennedy.

Year 6 to Reception Form and Merit Prizes:

6HS Form Academic Prize, Elizabeth Albertine; Merit Prize, Hattie Eyles; 6LW Form Academic Prize, Chloe Johnson; Merit Prize, Victoria Kunz; 6PD Form Academic Prize, Nathan Nemecek; Merit Prize, Jack Rendle; 5JS Form Academic Prize, George Garland; Merit Prize, Madelyn Mahaffey; 5SB Form Academic Prize, Jessica Warren; Merit Prize, Alice Clark; 5SS Form Academic Prize, Elliot Kotlarski; Merit Prize, Isabelle Arndt; 4AW Form Academic Prize, Amelia Williams; Merit Prize, Eva Hirst; 4CM Form Academic Prize, Isabella Simpson; Merit Prize, Nolan Popolillo; 4JB Form Academic Prize, Phoebe Lavery; Merit Prize, Leonie Cock; 3AR Form Academic Prize, Hugh Nicholson; Merit Prize, Jack Baier; 3SM Form Academic Prize, Tabitha Brown; Merit Prize, Lucinda Cook; 2DB Form Academic Prize, Luke Colman; Merit Prize, Zachary Kanatas; 2KM Form Academic Prize, Emma Landau; Merit Prize, Fiammetta Pickering; 1JH Form Academic Prize, Maxim Sokol; Merit Prize, Oden Kotlarski; 1JS Form Academic Prize, Camilla Smart; Merit Prize, Ella Curtis; RIM Form Academic Prize, May Iveson; Merit Prize, Anna Baier; RSM Form Academic Prize, Anoushka Newman; Merit Prize, Jessica White.

Prep College Prizes:

KS1 Achievement Award, Harriet Hearld and Thomas Robinson; Lauder Shield for Music, Ella Simpson; Malcher Shield for Drama, Max Spears; Floyd Shield for Art, Eleanor Grattoni-May; Girls’ Sports Prize, Annie Scott; Boys’ Sports Prize, Nicholas Jones; Marion Smith Quaich, Jemima Hearld; Chris Britt-Compton Cup, Henry Collings.

Y11 and 6th Form Merit and Contribution Prizes:

Melissa Calvert Memorial Prize for All Round Merit in Year 11, Thanaporn (Ping-An) Limmanee; Mary Beckett Prize for All Round Merit in Lower Sixth, Alex Conway and Lily Perring; Paul Webster Merit Prize, Charlotte Styles; Turner Prize for All Round Merit, Tom Holder; Ashvillian Society Centenary Prize, Rose How; Sixth Form Prize for Outstanding Contribution, Shiniqua Coote.

College Prizes:

David Barrett Memorial Prize for Art, Isabella Lane; James Booth Memorial Prize for Drama, Isabelle Addy and George Malcher; Special Music and Drama Prize (Performing Arts), Nicole Eastwood; Young Ashvillian Musician 2018-19, Anna Jackman-Straw; Head Chorister Award, Selina Pollard; Jazz Improvisation Award, Matthew Wilkins; Organ Performance Award, Giles Hutchinson; Lawrence Crowther Prize for Public Speaking, Tom Hearn; Michelle Levey Prize awarded by Learning Support Department. Megna Parmar and Henry Burke; Ross Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Girls’ Sport, Eve Sullivan; Manby Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Boys’ Sport, James Murtagh; Mike Burke Prize for Community Service, Faye Shaughnessy; Hirst Prize, Head Boy, Henry Mountford; Cuthbertson Memorial Prize, Head Girl, Elsie Johnston.