Book boost for school library

Children at Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ Primary School in Collingham are set to benefit from new books bought with money donated by the local Harewood Ward councillors.

Thursday, 27th February 2020, 11:37 am
NAWN 13040912AM Coun. Matthew Robinson outside Lady Elizabeth Hasting School. (1304091AM2)

Couns Firth, Robinson and Stephenson provided a grant of £500 from their discretionary Members Improvements in the Community and Environment (MICE) funds to enable the school tobuy more books for the school library.

The ward members feel that a passion for reading is an essential life skill which brings benefits and memories long into adult life.

Coun Matthew Robinson (Conservative, Harewood ward), said: “As ward councillors, we often end up being involved in the less glamourous areas of local politics.

“It is genuinely nice, therefore, to be able to donate to grass-roots projects like buying books for local schools.

“It is no exaggeration to say this could have positive effects for a generation or more.

“From our own childhoods, we all remember the exciting stories that we read with our parents and friends, and now years later, we can help to bring that feeling to the next generation and beyond.”

Paul Cook, Headteacher of Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ Primary School, said: “Reading is one of the great pleasures and something that should not be taken for granted. “We have had a huge focus on reading for enjoyment this year at Collingham and we have invested in a complete overhaul of our book offering across school to ensure it is as exciting as possible.

“The sooner we can get our children into the habit the better as it will set them up for life.

“There is something special about flicking through the pages of books that electronic devices can’t always match.

“Imaginations are fired and whole new worlds can be explored through books.

“I am excited to be able to invite tigers to tea, find room on a broom, track down a Gruffalo, have marmalade or even snozzcumber sandwiches, all while zooming through a phantom tollbooth!”

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