What could be done about speeding lorries off New Park Roundabout?

A push is underway to extend a reduced speed limit along a small stretch of the A59 west of the New Park Roundabout

Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 1:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:48 am
Councillor Geoff Webber

Residents along Skipton Road have flagged concerns with North Yorkshire County Council over the effect of vibrations and noise they say are created by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) speeding where the limit is briefly raised from 30mph to 40mph.

Combined with the potential traffic generated by hundreds of new homes across the area County Councillor Geoff Webber has called for the stretch, which begins yards from the turn to Euclid Avenue, to be brought down to 30mph.

Coun Geoff Webber said: “I am trying through the county council to get the 30 mile an hour speed limit extended and provide some relief for the residents of houses on Skipton Road.

Councillor Geoff Webber

“There have been problems with vibration and noise mainly due to heavy goods vehicle speeding.”

He added: “Around 10 years ago I raised this with the police and the idea of dropping the speed, however they said it would not be possible to monitor the speed as the distance between the increase and roundabout is insufficient.

“But now we have 600 homes going in nearby, I just don’t think that the idea of a 30 mile speed limit is a bad idea.”

HGVs are said to regularly pick up speed on the 40mph stretch and drop in the 30mph zone, relying on the slope up to the New Park roundabout to slow them down.

Councillor Geoff Webber

For residents living here it is a frustrating situation, with some now turning to the county council to request permission to monitor the noise and vibrations created.

Stephen Johnson, a resident on the stretch of Skipton Road said: “We are going to try and get a vibration monitor because of how it is at the moment, the lorries are causing real problems.

“From 5am it starts and then they are just going all day. You cannot tell me if you stand here outside my house that they are going 30 miles an hour.“