VIDEO: Sir Michael Parkinson named Head of Interviews for Yorkshire Tea

Sir Michael Parkinson has been appointed Head of Interviews for Yorkshire Tea to whip the hiring process into shape.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 2:26 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:23 am
Sir Michael Parkinson (s)

As the host of Parkinson which ran for 20 years, and an award winning journalist, Parkinson will make sure interviews are done properly at all levels.

Previous experience which spans everything from interviewing Muhammad Ali four times, to revealing David Beckham’s secret ‘Golden Balls’ nickname, all contributed to him beating a host of other applicants to the role.

Andy Brown, Managing Director at Yorkshire Tea said: “Michael’s experience is unparalleled and as with everything we do as a company we want to ensure our hiring process is done proper. As soon as we received his application, we knew he’d be a fantastic fit for the role - given our Royal Warrant it’s only right that we add a knight to the ranks.

Sir Michael Parkinson (s)

“We were sure we should take him on when he turned his interview around and ended up encouraging the panel to open up about themselves, all in the time it took to make a proper brew.”

Sir Michael Parkinson said: “I’ve spent the last 60 years perfecting my interview techniques, and have definitely had my fair share of tough interviewees.

“Now in my new position with Yorkshire Tea I can put my well-oiled skills to proper use and I’m really looking forward to a fresh challenge. It will be great to be based in Yorkshire, it’s just a shame the HQ isn’t in Barnsley.”

Parkinson joins the business this month. He will be one of eight new recruits at Yorkshire Tea, including a pair of Olympic standard couriers and a quintet of award winning Telephone Assistants.

Sir Michael Parkinson (s)