Ordering at the bar is back at popular Harrogate spot as 'Freedom Day' arrives and Covid rules end

Harrogate's biggest tap room is showing how bars may operate in reality as Covid rules are lifted as part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's 'Freedom Day' today - including the chance to order at the bar.

Monday, 19th July 2021, 10:41 am
Updated Monday, 19th July 2021, 10:46 am
The Tap Room at Rooster's brewery in Harrogate has announced full details of how rules affecting service and customers will be eased after July 19 'Freedom Day'.

The Tap Room at Rooster's brewery on Hornbeam Park has announced full details of how rules affecting service and customers will be eased from this Wednesday, July 21.

The owners of the award-winning independent craft brewery say the success of the easing of the rules relies on everyone continuing to act responsibly even now that legal restrictions have been lifted by the Government.

They say Rooster's is grateful for all the support it has received during lockdown and it trusted its customers to do the right thing going forward.

The main changes at Rooster's Tap Room are:

1. Table service will continue to be offered via our online menu, but we’ll also be reverting to offering service at the bar.

2. To avoid any unnecessary crowding at the entrance to the Taproom and to help allow our staff to work as safely as possible, seating and drinking at the bar won’t be permitted until further notice.

3. Masks/face coverings must be worn when queuing / ordering at the bar.

4. The wearing of masks / face coverings will no longer be mandatory when not seated inside the Taproom other than when queuing / ordering at the bar. Our staff will continue to wear masks while on shift.

5. Rooster's NHS app QR code will still be available for customers to scan on arrival, although this is no longer mandatory.

6. It will continue to encourage all customers to use the hand sanitiser station upon arrival, as well as those dotted around the Taproom as they see fit.

7. It will be lifting the imposed maximum limit of people who can sit at a table indoors.

8. Cash will once again be accepted, alongside card payments.

But Rooster's is also warning that risks still remain and it is important to keep on doing the right thing even as more normality returns.

A statement from the brewery said: "We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us, where possible and been respectful to our Taproom staff throughout the pandemic to date.

"It’s clear that the situation is far from reaching a positive conclusion and we’re calling on everyone to remain respectful and act responsibly as the UK begins its transition towards learning how to live with the virus, at least until as many people as possible have been able to secure both doses of the vaccine.

"We’re fully aware of the continued risks surrounding COVID-19 and trust that customers will continue to be respectful to staff and one another while joining us at the Taproom."