New shop for Harrogate town centre?

The planning sign indicating a new shop may be on its way in Harrogate.
The planning sign indicating a new shop may be on its way in Harrogate.

A new British-owned shop looks set to open in Harrogate town centre in good news for the town's retail sector

The vacant unit at 18 James Street, formerly occupied by global women’s fashion retailer East until it went into adminstration in late January, now has a Harrogate Borough Council planning site notice with an application for the erection of illuminated signs.

The applicant is another clothes shop, though of a very different kind to East.
Tresspass Europe is one of the UK’s most successful outdoor clothing retailers with a large number of stores across the UK and in mainland Europe.

First established in 1938 in Glasgow as Jacobs & Turner Ltd, it launched the Tresspass brand in 1984 to provide "the finest, high performance, quality outdoor clothing."
It opened its first retail stores in the 1990s and has continued to grow and grow since then offering "affordable skiwear and other specialist outdoor clothing and equipment such as waterproof jackets and walking boots."

Trespass Europe also boasts a network of wholesale clients across the world and a thriving e-commerce business.
Despite its expansion, its headquarters remain in Glasgow.

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