Love Ripon and say why on a heart

Residents and visitors are being urged to Love Ripon in a drive to sample the delights of the city.

During the days leading up to Valentine’s Day the Chamber of Trade will be asking people to share heart-shaped post-it notes saying why they love the city.

“We are determined to champion our city’s wonderful charms, in the most positive way,” said Ripon Chamber spokesman Don Grundy.

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Firms around the city will provide the notes and ask visitors and residents to complete the phrase - “We Love Ripon because……?

They will then be posted in each business until February 14 and just four days later the hearts will be displayed at the Obelisk on the Market Square.

“We want heartfelt messages from everyone and the principle is to bring new blood into our city, inviting everyone to sample the delights of our wonderful city,” added Don.

“We are asking everyone to become involved in this campaign to accentuate the positives of Ripon.

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“We know just how lovely our City is, and we are privileged to live and work here, but we need to shout it from the rooftops.”

Volunteers are planning 12 months of events aimed at raising the profile of Ripon.

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