Call to Yorkshire business community to create new business forum

Are you a business owner, leader and great networker who wants to help shape the future of the region?

Then the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (YNYER) needs you.

The local enterprise partnership for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding have issued a call to action to the business community in the region for new, diverse, exciting and representative voices to join a business engagement forum.

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The forum will empower two way conversation between YNYER and the business community considering the challenges the region faces over the next three decades and recognise the true potential the region holds for growth that is good.

As a public / private sector partnership, YNYER’s role as a strategic body is to make the connections that enable growth.

Currently they are drawing up a Local Industrial Strategy that will direct growth in the region over the next 30 years.

Through their current programme of engagement workshops and the development of this business engagement forum, they will ensure that the strategy considers, inspires and enables both the public and the private sector.

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The Business Engagement Forum is looking for new faces, new voices and authentic leadership - people who can challenge and help the region rise to the challenge, through supporting information sharing and networking within the business community.

Richard Shaw, Chairman of the Business Board and SME Champion for the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership, said: “This is a great opportunity to build solid networks of communication and collaboration for our region’s economy.

“Equally for our business community to be involved, engaged and invigorate the region’s future, through our Local Industrial Strategy.

“This strategy will enable good growth in all of our distinctive places across the patch.

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“If your business is in the city of York, it’s far reaching rural hinterlands or on the coast, we want to ensure that your voice is heard and represented in the region.”

You can submit an application for considerations by Friday August 2.

Click here for more information and an application.