Bus boss praises staff for keeping crucial services operational in Harrogate blizzard

Harrogate bus boss Alex Hornby has praised his team of drivers and station staff for ensuring essential services continued in Thursday's blizzard conditions.

Thursday, 14th January 2021, 6:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th January 2021, 6:56 pm

Another day of heavy snow affected roads across Harrogate and Knaresborough, leaving roads blocked and travel extremely difficult.

After being forced to battle with the elements last Friday also, this week's heavy snowfall was more widespread with Leeds and most of West Yorkshire affected too.

Harrogate Bus Company have been battling against the blizzards to keep their services running across the district.

CEO Alex Hornby said spirits had been high at The Harrogate Bus Company who, with recent practice from last week’s flurry of snow, had once again worked tirelessly to get things moving.

“Yet again, all our team have proved how reliable and dependable they are during the wintry weather. Just like last week, they all pulled together to get everyone moving - not just our buses but helping out other motorists as well," he said.

“For it to happen again so soon, and for everyone to just jump straight in with shoveling snow, gritting roads and supporting each other has been excellent to see. I’m so proud of the frontline team here.

Staff at Harrogate Bus Station battle to clear the snow as Harrogate Bus Company battled through the blizzards to maintain their services.

“Our customers have been sending messages of thanks and gratitude through to us all day, and we’re really thankful for their patience too as we’ve worked to get all our buses back on the road.”

The company has this week renewed its ‘clean, safe and ready to go’ pledge to key workers as temporary timetables go into action during the new lockdown in England, pledging “we’re still here for you when you need us” after it confirmed eight out of 10 journeys on its services will continue during lockdown.

It has introduced its temporary timetables last Sunday with schedules built around the needs of key workers, and on valued feedback from its customers throughout 2020.

The Hornby said: “Our buses are clean, safe and ready to go, just as they have always been throughout the pandemic.

“We know from experience that our buses provide a vital service for key workers and others who depend on us to reach essential shops and services. All of our routes will continue to run, just a little less often around shopping hours. Our first priority is to make sure key workers can get to and from work, and that essential journeys can still be made, using our buses in Harrogate and beyond.

“We will still be running over 80% of our usual journeys, and our first and last bus times will remain the same.”

Among the changes are the popular Harrogate - Knaresborough Number 1 service.

Its timetable now reads as follows: Monday to Friday: Buses every 10 minutes daytime and every 20 minutes evening; Saturday: Buses every 20 minutes daytime and every 30 minutes evening; Sunday: Buses every 30 minutes daytime and every 60 minutes evening.

The 2A: Harrogate-Bilton and Dene Park looks like this: Monday to Friday: Buses every 20 minutes daytime and every 60 minutes evening; Saturday and Sunday: Buses every 60 minutes.

Full details of all services are available at: www/transdevbus.co.uk/harrogate and on the free to download ‘Transdev Go’ mobile app.