9 different reactions people had to Nando’s opening in Harrogate

Nando’s opened in Harrogate yesterday (June 3) and sent the Internet into a cheeky meltdown.
NADV 1506029AM1 Nando's. (1506029AM1)NADV 1506029AM1 Nando's. (1506029AM1)
NADV 1506029AM1 Nando's. (1506029AM1)

Judging from the overwhelmingly positive Twitter reaction, it seems to be the greatest thing to come to Harrogate since the Tour de France.

With our tweetdeck and news feed overflowing with cheeky tweets from people enjoying their chicken, we decided to examine the nine different types of reaction to its arrival.

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For many, it was anticipation with Harrogate on the edge of their seat for that first bite of chicken.

Toni C ‏@ToniiTiger May 29

@NandosUK When is the new Harrogate Nandos opening?

Julia Rossiter ‏@RossiterJulia May 25

#nandos #harrogate #love #truelove @NandosUK can’t wait for it to open!!!

The big day finally arrived but people still couldn’t believe their eyes.

Sophy Elise Knight ‏@sophyknightx May 30

There’s a nandos in Harrogate now?

ells✌ ‏@ellieeee_x Jun 2

Harrogate officially has a Nandos

Many welcomed that first taste of peri-peri with open and eager arms.

Elysia ‏@ElysiaSimpson 23h


Josh Bennett ‏@Josh_Bennett_ May 25

Nandos now in Harrogate. I never have leave here again.

Some took it to new levels, praising divine intervention.

JB ‏@GiacOfAllTrades 19h19 hours ago

So Harrogate finally has a Nandos, thank god

It was love at first sight for some. Literally.

Arti Sivanandarajah ‏@arti2594 15h15 hours ago

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Harrogate nandos has to be the best looking one I have ever been too

Many felt relieved. Relieved there was a finally a positive answer to the age-old question.

Rick Burin ‏@rickburin 5h5 hours ago

Finally, a definitive answer to the question I was asked most often as a Harrogate reporter: “Is Harrogate getting a Nandos?” Opens today.

Other kept their eyes firmly on the prize.

kirk jordan pickard ‏@KPickrad 18h18 hours ago

Just at the new nando’s in Harrogate coz I love chicken and love chicken! #nandos #harrogate #LivingTheDream

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There were well-wishers, showing Nando’s the typical Harrogate hospitality.

Bijouled ‏@BijouledHG1 Jun 3 Harrogate, England

Welcome to #parliamentstreet in #harrogate @NandosUK have a great first day! #nandosharrogate

But in the end there was no getting away from it. The overwhelming and seemingly unstoppable reaction was one of unrivalled cheekiness.

Joe Stead ‏@JOESTEAD10 22h22 hours ago

All this talk of harrogate nandos has made me extra cheeky, anyone fancy bringing some to me at the pub?

James Smith ‏@Jimmy011087 24h24 hours ago

@NandosUK My Nandos will be even cheekier now! #Harrogate

MissKayleighHudson♥ ‏@kayleighhhhhhh Jun 2 Yorkshire and The Humber, England

Complimentary nandos is even better than a regular nandos @NandosUK #nandos #open #day #harrogate #chicken #cheekynandos