02 apologise after Harrogate suffers with lack of signal

Mobile phone network 02 has apologised to its customers after many parts of the UK including Harrogate suffered from signal blackouts on Monday.

Sunday, 31st May 2015, 7:15 pm
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Customers in Harrogate slammed the company after many complained on social media that they had been left without signal for much of Bank Holiday Monday.

Even the Government’s Secretary of State for Business and Skills, Sajid Javid, has joined thousands complaining via Twitter - telling 02 to “sort it out”.

The phone provider has since said the service was ‘back to normal’ blaming network equipment was to blame for the temporary lack of reception.

The company tweeted: “We’re aware of isolated instances where some customers have intermittent access to our service. We’re investigating and will update ASAP.”

Five hours later, a spokesman posted a follow-up, tweeting: “We’ve minimised the intermittent network issue reported earlier and some customers have seen their service return. We continue to monitor.”

However, the company’s apology did little to appease frustrated customers in Harrogate who got in touch with the paper’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to register their annoyance.

Mark Patrick Doherty posted on Facebook that he had been suffering ‘awful reception’ for the past week with Kaye Buck complaining of being unable to ring out or receive calls or texts.

Some customers including Allison Palmer and Sue Harrison were left so frustrated they threatened to leave the providers, while others like Judith Coop and Janet Dinsdale said they had been unaffected by the problems.

On Twitter, @ukairpilot tweeted that he had lost 02 service in Harrogate for five and a half hours on Monday with Stuart Pearson also tweeting that the frustration began ‘mid afternoon.

Kickboxing Knaresborough tweeted: “As an 02 business customer I’m constantly let down by service in our local area. 4G? Not a chance! No service at all at work!”

However, Lyndsay Snodgrass suggested the lack of signal spanned more than just the course of a few hours, tweeting: “I had a week with no signal at my house in Harrogate!”