Lisa Samson on surviving a brain tumour while writing new book Epitaph for the Ash

Her uncle wrote the landmark nature book Epitaph for the Elm.

KC Caviar has been set up by father and son John and Mark Addey.

Inside Yorkshire’s first ever caviar farm

On the site of a redundant mushroom farm, Sarah Freeman meets the father and son hoping to take Yorkshire caviar to the world’s finest restaurants. Pictures by Jonathan Gawthorpe.


The man who persuaded Britney Spears to play Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre

It was one best known for staging It’s A Knockout, so how has Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre managed to land one of the biggest names in music? Sarah Freeman reports.


Why light pollution is leaving stargazers in the dark

Stargazing has never been more popular, but with no laws governing levels of light pollution are we losing the battle to save our dark skies? Sarah Freeman reports.

A WHOPPER: The Big Big Camera will be at The National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield.

How Ian Beesley used one of the world’s biggest cameras to take intimate portraits of former miners

It was while rooting around a storage room that Ian Beesley stumbled across the inspiration for his latest project – a giant camera, 8ft long and 5ft high, one that takes four people to move and which was built to use film that isn’t made anymore.

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