Interview: Gregg Wallace on Cake and Bake Show

By Graham Chalmers

Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 10:38 am
Gregg Wallace. (Picture by  Jonathan Gawthorpe)
Gregg Wallace. (Picture by Jonathan Gawthorpe)

For anyone who doubts that TV presenter Gregg Wallace’s bubbly, plain-speaking persona is entirely spontaneous on Masterchef, listen to what he says when I ask him what he’s going to be doing at the forthcoming Cake and Bake show in Harrogate.

“I have absolutely no fixed role in Cake and Bake. I may well be a compere at a couple of the demos. I don’t know.

“I plan to move from stand to stand and exhibitor to exhibitor chatting and tasting their food and chatting to visitors. That’s all I want to do.”

For Masterchef fans the event is obviously a brilliant opportunity to talk to Gregg.

While not the only big name from the ‘foodie’ world appearing as a ‘celebrity ambassador’ in Cake and Bake at Harrogate International Centre next month – there’s also Rosemary Schrager, Lisa Faulkner and Phil Vickery – Wallace is certainly the best-known.

Wallace’s relationship with John Torode on Masterchef is more than professional. The good-natured bonhomie and banter between the two of them on the small screen is genuine, he assures me, a reflection of their genuine friendship off screen.

Gregg said: “I know John very well. We’re ridiculously close, I just saw him this morning.

“We’ve not only known each other for 11 years on Masterchef, I first met him 10 years before that. I used to supply his fruit and veg. “

Surely he must be laying his love of puddings on a bit thick for the cameras, I ask him via his ‘hands-free’ as he drives to a rugby club dinner.

“There is no script at all on Masterchef. I do love desserts. I’ve got a sweet tooth. I think I love them because they remind me of being a child.

“The wonderful thing about desserts is they are completely indulgent and utterly unnecessary.”

The Cake and Bake Show is at Harrogate International Centre from June 19-21.

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