Classic guitar pop band for Major Tom’s in Harrogate

The headliners of the forthcoming ‘The Second Summer of Charm’ night at Major Tom’s in Harrogate are flying the flag for classic guitar bands.

Sunday, 31st May 2015, 9:45 am
The Seagulls.
The Seagulls.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Dominic Richmond said The Seagulls’ influences stretched all the way back to the 1960s.

Dominic said: “We’re all big fans of psychedelic music and that era but we’re also quite influenced by some of the early rock and roll bands such as The Beatles, Kinks, Elvis, Roy Orbison, even.”

The Leeds-based five-piece’s musical philosophy should dovetail perfectly with the Charm night’s theme at Major Tom’s on Thursday, June 11 of summer pop, psychedelia and classic jingle-jangly guitar hits - all delivered in the Charm mix by VJ Quadrod with his swirling light show for a truly special night.

Dominic said: “There’s a band called Foxygen that we’ve seen a couple of times that we like. They’re a proper rock ‘n’ roll band and there’s so much energy in their set. The new Blur album is great, too. They’ve still got it in my opinion.”

The Seagulls may boast classic guitar lines but Dominic belives the song is king.

“Guitar riffs are always important, bands like Zeppelin and The Who do that for me. But it’s more important to have good songs. I’ve always been a big fan of lyrics.”

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