Brave singer Sarah Collins bounces back after brain tumour

YouTube sensation - Harrogate singer Sarah Collins.YouTube sensation - Harrogate singer Sarah Collins.
YouTube sensation - Harrogate singer Sarah Collins.
An incredible Harrogate musician who survived a brain tumour is about to launch her new Northern Soul band called Keep The Faith in a special gig at Ripley this weekend.

Singer Sarah Collins originally began posting videos of her singing to backing tracks on YouTube to aid her recovery as she battled back from life-threatening ill health.

That video has now had three quarters of a million views while her number of followers has grown to 15,000 worldwide.

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In a demontration that anything is possible with the right attitude, Sarah will unveil her new nine-piece band at a public showcase gig at the Ripley Star Club this Saturday at 7.30pm.

Sarah originally began post ing videos of her singing to backing tracks on YouTube when she was recovering from surgery and taking medication for epilepsy.

Her singing career had been going well when it was brought to a sudden halt in 2012. Just two months after the birth of her second child, she collapsed at home, knocking herself unconscious.

It wasn’t until her fiancé returned from work that she was found and rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was immediately operated on.

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On the strength of a few warm-up gigs, Sarah’s new band Keep The Faith have already been booked to play at three major festivals in the summer – Richmond Live, The VW Festival at Harewood near Leeds and the Great Northern Mod & Ska Festival.