Be a vinyl DJ in Harrogate on Paul McCartney’s birthday!

By Graham Chalmers
The original Beatles.The original Beatles.
The original Beatles.

Would you like to be a vinyl DJ for a night in Harrogate shortly? Are you a big Beatles, Paul McCartney or, even, Wings fan?

Harrogate music legend DJ Trev is hosting a McCartney/Wings birthday night viny special at Ten Devonshire Place in Harrogate.

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Taking place on Thursday, June 18, this special ‘Porkies Prime Cuts’ session at the fab craft beer bar is called “Beatles and (hot) Wings Special” in honour of the legendary musician who has written more popular songs than anyone else in the history of music.

The host, DJ Trev, whp helms the record decks at this regular event is looking for anyone who fancies chipping in with a short vinyl-only set of pure Beatles, Beatles or Macca-related tunes or anything Mersey beat or along those lines.

If you’re interested, contact him at his Facebook page at

Not all of the hundreds of songs written by the veteran McCartney, currently on a major UK tour aged 72, have been classics over the years.

Here’s the Harrogate Advertiser’s Top Ten Macca Misfires

10. Bogey Music (1980)

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Ill-advised work of silly jauntiness on otherwise impressively pioneering electronic pop album McCartney II.

9. Mary Had A Little Lamb (1971)

Sly riposte to a recent BBC ban or ill-advised trip into family-orientated music, this pop version of the children’s nursery rhyme was a hit at the time but. . .

8. Pretty Little Head (1986)

McCartney can do prog successfully but this ‘experimental’ prog/world music track off Press to Play album is mystifyingly useless.

7. The Other Me (1983)

McCartney can do soul but this lyrically baffling song from the Pipes of Peace album includes one of his worst-ever lyrics - “I know I was a crazy fool, for treating you the way I did. But something took hold of me and I acted like a dustbin lid.”

6. Biker Like an Icon (1993)

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The then newly-famous Noel Gallagher declared this lyrically bizarre McCartney guitar pop track from the Off The Ground album utter rubbish when it came out during the first flush of Britpop.

5. Famous Groupies (1978)

As if to prove he wasn’t just a family favourite, McCartney unveiled this bawdy tale of touring on Wings’ London Town album. Cringe.

4. Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands of Love/Power Cut

(1973) McCartney can be a whizz at medleys (as side 2 of Abbey Road shows) but this chirpy syrupy messy concoction on Wings’ Red Rose Speedway shows he is only human afterall.

3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (1969)

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One of the lesser tracks on the brilliant Abbey Road album, this unsettlingly chirpy Beatles song is actually about a serial killer.

2. Give Ireland Back to the Irish (1972)

This unusually strident politically-orientated rocker by Wings got banned by the BBC at the height of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

1. We All Stand Together/Frog Chorus (1984)

Children still love this lush, orchestral novelty song recorded for a cartoon film with the choir of St Paul’s Cathedral. It reached number 3 in the UK charts on release but critics hated it - and still do.

What are your least favourite Macca tracks? Let us know at the Harrogate Advertiser’s Facebook page: