Amazing online support for DJ Loz after cruel theft

By Graham Chalmers

Tuesday, 24th February 2015, 11:51 am
DJ Loz Contreras.
DJ Loz Contreras.

An online campaign to help a Knaresborough DJ whose equipment was stolen has already reached more than a £1,000.

Since the theft happened, Loz Contreras has been inundated with messages of support.

One of the dance scene’s biggest names has even offered him a set at his own London night at Fabric as a result.

Lawrence, a former student at King James’s School, said the bulk of his expensive DJ-ing equipment was stolen from his car when he was in Leeds recently.

“I was going to see a band in Burley Park with some friends. When we came back to the car a couple of hours later, my heart sank.

“The boot was ajar. I immediately panicked knowing what was in there. The boot was empty. I felt sick”

Loz, who is also a successful music producer in his own right, believes he may have been targeted by someone who knew he was a DJ.

“It happened on a Friday night but no other cars had been robbed. It was only the contents in my boot that were missing. They must have known what they were coming for. Turntables and mixers aren’t exactly the lightest this to carry away”

Loz said the theft threatened to leave his career high and dry.

The police had no leads and his insurance company did not cover theft of contents from the car.

But things look rosier now after a friend decided to set up a gofundme campaign online to raise the money to replace his gear.

Loz said: “The response has been truly amazing. Fans and the drum and bass community as a whole have rallied in the last week, raising £1,200. It’s been quite overwhelming.

“As a thank you, I’ve decided to give a 4 track EP of unreleased tracks to anyone who has donated. “

Loz said the icing on the cake was the offer of a slot at a London show by big name DJ LTJ Bukem.

“He messaged me out of the blue saying he had a set for me at the famous Fabric nightclub in London to help me out. He’s always been one of my idols as a DJ, I was like a kid at Christmas when I read that.”

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