KEEP IT UP: Harrogate Town’s Craig Nelthorpe

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New Harrogate Town winger Craig Nelthorpe is the second footballer to take on the Ackrill Media tennis ball keepy uppy challenge. Watch the video to find out how he did.

Ackrill Media is trying to find out which local sportsman can do the most keepy-uppies with a tennis ball.

Challengers will take on the leaderboard and see how they fare.

First up, Harrogate Town midfielder Adam Bolder took up the the challenge and scored 32.

This time, his new teammate at the CNG Stadium Craig Nelthorpe attempts to beat his score.


32 - Adam Bolder, Harrogate Town

The rules:

Each sportsmen tells the camera who they are.

They receive a tennis ball.

They have to keep the tennis ball in the air with use of their head, thighs, feet, and any other limb bar their hands.

Each player has three goes.

When the ball hits the floor for the third time, it’s curtains.

Their score goes onto the leaderboard.

The player with the most is the winner.

Fancy having a go? Email your videos to to see if you make the leaderboard