KEEP IT UP! Harrogate Railway’s Lawrence Hunter

He scored Harrogate Railway’s last-minute winner against Northwich Victoria on Monday, but how good is Lawrence Hunter at kick-ups.

The young winger is the latest footballer to tackle the Ackrill Sport keepy uppy leaderboard after Wetherby Athletic’s Jordan Emsley marched into second place last week.

Harrogate Town’s Leigh Franks is still out on his own at the top, but no adult has reached the coveted century club as yet.

Was Hunter able to raise his bat? Watch the video to find out if he beat namesake Colin.


88 - Leigh Franks, Harrogate Town

68 - Jordan Emsley, Wetherby Athletic

32 - Adam Bolder, Harrogate Town

32 - Josh Buckley, Wetherby Athletic

29 - Colin Hunter, Harrogate Railway

28 - Liam Hardy, Harrogate Town

27 - Craig Nelthorpe, Harrogate Town

19 - Danny Matthews, Harrogate RUFC

13 - Lee Ashforth, Harrogate Railway

7 - Rob Youhill, Harrogate Railway

3 - Jed Vale, Wetherby Athletic

Watch Brazilian Soccer School teenage sensation Brandon Thompson rack up 2713 tennis ball kick-ups

The rules:

Each sportsmen tells the camera who they are.

They receive a tennis ball.

They have to keep the tennis ball in the air with use of their head, thighs, feet, and any other limb bar their hands.

Each player has three goes.

When the ball hits the floor for the third time, it’s curtains.

Their score goes onto the leaderboard.

The player with the most is the winner.

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