Letter: ‘Soft Brexit’ the best option

EU and UK flags together
EU and UK flags together

In response to Tom Paul’s comments (Letters, February 16) regarding the Brexit process, I would like to say that although the EU referendum was a national vote, the four parts of the UK voted differently and three of those have devolved governments.

Whilst the recent Supreme Court ruling in January did not specify consultation of these devolved governments, the UK Government as matter of goodwill, should take into account the views of Scotland and Northern Ireland which voted to remain in the EU.

The Scottish situation is crucial to this in that the SNP received nearly half of the popular vote in the Scottish Parliament elections in May last year.

With this in mind, a ‘soft’ Brexit process is the best way in maintaining the Union otherwise we do face the prospect of a second independence referendum and that result may go another way next time.

I think the government in London hasn’t considered the consequences of a ‘hard’ Brexit carefully enough and I hope they will take heed of this over the coming months.

Justin Chan,

Chatsworth Grove,