Peace protest at Menwith Hill

PEACE campaigners gathered at Menwith Hill to mark the inauguration of US President Barack Obama.

Members of the Campaign for Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) visited the US intelligence base intending to pass on a letter to the President.

The two-page document called for an end to the violence in Gaza - saying "peace will not happen without your personal intervention."

They said: "While it would be naive to believe that Barack Obama alone can put the past to rights, this is a unique opportunity for us to communicate our hopes that he will implement policies that will not only restore the credibility of the US as a force for good but also urgently address the ongoing Israeli siege and bombardment of Gaza."

They gathered at the spy base at 1pm on Tuesday, and attempted to deliver the letter to base commander Mary O'Brien. She said, however, that she could not accept it.