Passed out in a flower bed

editorial image

HARROGATE has always taken a special pride in its spectacular floral arrangements.

But this pair, passed out in a flower bed at the top of Parliament Street, were not part of the official display.

This was the sight that greeted a group of friends in the early hours of Friday.

A young man in smart-casual clothes, wrapped improbably around a lamppost.

And his friend, enjoying a nap in a bed of flowers.

The pictures were taken by a local student at 1.30am, who was walking home with some friends after going out for a few drinks.

She told the Advertiser: “I was really shocked. At first I thought they were joking or something - literally they were not moving.

“It was really strange, it was a bit early to be that drunk. We thought it was ridiculous and we had to show someone.”

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