Harrogate hospital ready for Ebola

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Staff at Harrogate District Hospital are being prepared for how to deal with any potential Ebola cases, in line with national guidance.

The trust is following general procedures across the country to prepare for any eventuality, including basic training and development.

“We are following all national guidance,” a spokesman for the hospital trust said.

Staff have been made aware of what to do if a potential case did present itself, as well as all the correct procedures to go through.

“We’re not doing anything radically different from what we would do to prepare with any infection - flu, MRSA, at this stage,” the spokesman said.

“The chances of us getting a case here in Harrogate are very low.”

Ebola is spread through blood and bodily fluids and, left untreated, can have a mortality rate among victims as high as 90 per cent.

“If anybody has returned from any affected country within the last three weeks, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and they are feeling unwell, do let us know straight away,” the hospital spokesman added.