Harrogate police urge vigilance after scam

A91XK7 Police line tape
A91XK7 Police line tape
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Police are urging people to be vigilant with account details after a scam which has seen thousands of pounds withdrawn from banks including in Harrogate.

The scam sees thieves steal purses by sneaking into staff rooms, typically in health centres or care homes. They then ring up the owner at their place of work, claiming to be from a bank and saying they have been the victim of theft.

Police are now urging residents not to give out personal details - particularly pin numbers - which have been used to steal thousands of pounds across the county, including in Harrogate.

Det Con Matthew Mitchell said: “We can’t stress how important it is not to give your PIN to anyone under any circumstances – not even your bank or the police. They would not ask for it and anyone who does will not be genuine.

“As we continue to investigate these thefts and subsequent frauds, we urge members of the public to ensure their belongings are secure while they are at work. Particularly if you work in buildings which are accessible to the general public.”

Anyone with information is asked to call North Yorkshire Police on 101.